DFL 150 A ID 11 MF 5

Installation foreseen for a total flow rate (max) of 1500 l/min

The dirty water arriving at the pit is sent by submersible pump to the hydrocyclone. Due to the effect of gravity and the thrust given by the tangential injection system, the liquid descending in a spiral along the internal walls of the hydrocyclone separates the part with the highest glass dust content from the water which, due to the gravitational ef-fect, rises inside the central cylinder; the dust separated from the water settles in the cone of the hydrocyclone from where it is sent through a pump into the rotor of the centrifuge. The particles in suspension, contained in the liquid, by virtue of the greater weight, will be pushed, thanks to the "g" force, against the wall of the basket placed in rotation, compressing and causing the clarified liquid to flow out, which, collected in the tank underneath the centrifuge, will be relaunched in the hydrocyclone. From the hydrocyclone the clarified liquid will be sent by pump to the machines.


The water coming out of the centrifuge and re-launched in the hydrocyclone is clarified at 5 μ m (5 microns). This means that solids of silica, diamonds and polishing compounds, glass, above 5μm will be separated. The removal of the sludge produced by the centrifuge is done automatically with cycles set by PLC.


Filtration is through a special cloth that retains solids larger than 2 μm. The cloth is au-tomatically cleaned in backwash using the same filtered water.


The filtered water is stored in the 5 m³ storage tank and sent back to the machine spindles.

Technical features

1500 l/min
5/2 μm
11×2,5×5,5 m
2300 Kg
30 m²
400 V / 50 Hz
30 Kw

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