The centrifugation technology allows to separate liquids from solids, returning them in dry form, immediately transferable on to the dump, without the contribution of any substance flocculant or precipitant, which in most cases prove to be corrosive for the parts in contact in grinding machines; They also avoid all the costs related to the purchase, storage and disposal of chemical products.

The range is divided on three series, 50, 150 and 250 with 6 models for all of the glassware needs.

The 50 series is designed to be inserted indoors, while the 150 and 250 can also be installed outdoors with any cover.

The 50 series is available in three models, the first 50M is intended to serve one or two machines such as a grinding machine and a cn, with alternating water sampling; the 50M2 is a double centrifuge that can be associated with 2 cn or to a bilateral grinding machine working continuously; the 50MMF is equipped with a filter with 6 cartridges and allows to obtain very pure water with micron 1 to 3 μ. The 50MC is equipped with a cyclonic that allows an hourly capacity suitable to serve an entire department (cn, rectilinear, bilateral).

The range also offers the 150 and 250 intended for companies that have to process volumes up to 120 m³ / hour. For the models 150 and 250 can be associated with the 50MMF to bring water with a particularly low filtering.