The treatment and management of productions fluid is a problem which is not easy to solve for most industries.

Dieffe with its improved system for treatment and recycling process fluids is “functional and clean” but with special attention to “easy to use” operation.

With many years of experience and with software-controls the “Dieffe centrifugal separation system” are today considered the most manufacturing on the market.

The range is divided on four series, DFL 50 M, 50 MMF, 150 A and 250 A with variables for all of the glassware needs.

The 50 series is designed to be inserted indoors, while the 150 and 250 can also be installed outdoors with any cover.

The DFL 50 M is intended to serve one or two machines such as a grinding machine and a cn, with alternating water sampling; the 50 MMF is equipped with a filter and allows to obtain very pure water with micron up 1 to 3 μ.

The range also offers the DFL 150 and 250 intended for companies that have to process volumes up to 120 m³ / hour. For the models 150 and 250 can be associated with the 50 MMF to bring water with a particularly low filtering.

All machines are equipped with an electrical system on board, pre-programmed according to customer requirement but retain the ability to be managed directly by a simple control panel.

The technical department is available to clients to evaluate and implement customized solutions.

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