Who we are

The Dieffe designs, manufactures and installs plants for the treatment and recycling of water from the glass processing such as grinding, painting and all applications involving the use and recovery of waste water.

The centrifugation technology allows to separate liquids from solids, returning them in dry form, immediately transferable on to the dump, without any chemical additive (flocculant), which can be corrosive to metal parts.

Dieffe is a company dynamic and evolving, overlooking the market with the design and construction of machines.

Dieffe Macchine is very sensitive to problems related to environmental pollution, for almost twenty years it has dedicated itself almost exclusively to the construction of centrifugal machines of various capacities and water treatment and filtration systems.

Since 2002 we have supplied all types of centrifuges, manual and automatic to the company Forza g and GTech.

We also deal with the study of the single problem of each of our clients, offering our decades of experience in this sector, seeking the best solution with regards to the choice, construction and installation of the plant, thanks also to the collaboration of specialized technicians. 

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